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Conditions of using site material

All the photographs and articles on this site have been taken and written by me unless otherwise indicated. I normally permit the publication of material from Magic Baikal on other web sites, however I require fulfilment of the following simple conditions:

  • You should send me a e-mail with detailed information about what you would like to copy and on which site you would like to publish it. In the case of photographs, the names of the files should be enumerated, in the case of texts, the name of the article or URL-address should be quoted.
  • When placing an article on your own site the following reference should be given before the article:

    Published with the permission of the author of the site Magic Baikal.

    Reference code:

    The same reference should be placed after a photograph copied from Magic Baikal. The same rule applies to photographs from the section Space images of Lake Baikal. I have never been in space, but I did make considerable corrections to the original images. The type-size of the reference can be smaller than the text on the page, but it should be quite distinct and the reference should not be blocked from indexation by search engines.
  • In some cases (for example, if a lot of material is requested or if placement on a commercial site is planned) conditions of use can be different.
  • Removal of the logo Magic Baikal from photographs is forbidden (but if this is essential, please ask the author).
  • If my site address changes, you will be obliged to update the reference to Magic Baikal on your own site at my written request.

Written requests should be made to the author in order to print photographs or use them in an electronic format, and also to obtain permission for publication of material in the mass media.

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Conditions of using Magic Baikal information.